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Teaser Tuesday: Spitfire

My eyes dance toward the door, which is closed, but not locked. There isn’t another lecture in here for the next hour, but still, anyone could walk in at any time.

My ass hits my desk as he crowds me, dropping his backpack to the floor. As he brings his face closer, his eyes stay laser focused on mine.

“Let’s just be out with it already, Everly.”

“Out with what?” I say in a breathy exhale.

“You and I both know what this is, what we want.”

One more step and he’s pressed against me, his hips pressing firm to my belly as he glares down at me with hunger in his eyes.

“And what is that?”

His mouth hovers over my neck, and I feel his breath warm against my skin. Inside, my heart is pounding. My brain has stopped working altogether, so that not one single rational thought comes out. It’s thinking about how he smells, how he feels, how bad I want to touch him.

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Coming July 13!

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