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A new dark, bully romance is coming...

Previously published as Spitfire in the Tangled Sheets anthology, this full-length novel has all new content, more spice, and a brand new ending!

Cover reveal: September 30 Release day: October 14 Free in Kindle Unlimited

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I ruined his life. It was my investigation that sent his father to jail. It was my fault his mother killed herself shortly after. I’ve regretted it every day since. When he shows up in my Journalism class, I know I’m in trouble. Cullen Ayers wants to make me pay. His torment becomes my life, and I endure every moment because I deserve it. What started as revenge quickly turns into lust. He’s only eighteen, and I should be ashamed of how good this feels when we’re alone, but I can’t help myself. I’m in too deep. I’m starting to discover his family’s secrets go far deeper than I first thought. The more I uncover, the more ways he finds to punish me. Cullen wants to ruin me for life, and I’m afraid he already has.

This title was previously published in the Tangled Sheets anthology as Spitfire but has a new title, cover and added content!

Warning: This is a dark, bully romance with explicit content that may be triggering to some readers, including dub-con, abuse, and murder. Cullen Ayers is covered in red flags, but the bigger the bully, the better the redemption.

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