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Alice was convinced she found the perfect man in Eli. He’s funny, handsome, charming...perfect. Until he dumps her on national television.

Reeling from the rejection of losing America’s most popular reality show, Alice finds herself stuck in a beautiful oceanfront suite on Wickett Beach with the world’s broodiest cameraman.

It’s up to him to capture her grief and humiliation on camera, but when an epic storm hits, Alice and Sam become stranded in the hotel room without power or a way out.

Being stuck with the perfect rebound sounds nice, but with the way Sam looks at her, Alice is starting to wonder if he’s ever going to let her go...even after the storm passes.

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Audrey's new step-uncle, Grant is the only person she can tolerate being around this Christmas. He treats her like an adult and tempts her like no other man has before. 

Being together is forbidden, but it's Christmas, and Grant and Audrey are headed for the naughty list...

Bonus Epilogues

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